crown casino regulations

Last updated on April 7th, 2023 at 03:26 pm

The Victorian government has announced new Crown Casino regulations and measures to reduce impact of gambling in Melbourne, such as requiring patrons to take mandatory 15-minute breaks.

These changes come in response to the Royal Commission’s investigation into Crown’s eligibility to maintain a casino license, which concluded two years ago.

On Monday, Melissa Horne, the Minister for Casino, Gambling, and Liquor Regulation, instructed Crown to implement these measures as a prevention.

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The new Crown Casino regulations 

crown casino regulations

Under the new regulations, individuals who have been gambling continuously for three hours must take a 15-minute break.

Crown Casino staff will be authorized to refuse entry to individuals who have failed to comply with their mandatory break requirements.

Those who have gambled for 12 hours in a day must take a 24-hour break, there will also be a limit of 36 hours of gambling per week for customers.

Crown is set to enforce mandatory pre-commitment across all electronic gaming machines by the end of this year.

When coupled with the reinforced code of conduct, these measures for reducing harm will make Crown Casino a world leader for a casino of its magnitude.

According to CEO Mike Volkert, Crown Melbourne has collaborated with the Victorian government to implement these reforms, which will enable the company to adopt industry best practices and avert gambling-related harm.

This incorporates our updated and improved approach to responsible gambling, which strives to promote a healthier and safer gambling environment for everyone.

The government has stated that the directives also include additional instructions for staff regarding when and how to intervene when they observe signs of gambling-related harm.

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