Georgia Sports Betting Suffered a Setback in Senate

Georgia sports betting supporters suffered a setback last Thursday after the State Senate rejected a bill that would allow sports wagering. Lawmakers voted against Senate Bill 57, which would make the state lottery to launch sports wagering in the state.

SB 57 will also allow betting on horse races. The track will pay out winnings instead of a betting pool. As a result, bookies can change odds right before race time. It is also known as pari-mutuel wagering. It can improve sportsbook operations once it becomes legal in the state.

Lawmakers are scheduled to revisit the sports betting bill before Monday. In addition, they will tackle another bill. However, it excludes horse racing. They will also discuss a proposal to allow voters to decide on the topic via referendum. According to gambling tutorials and news sites, the state constitution bans casinos and pari-mutuel betting.

Georgia Sports Betting Stopped in Senate

Georgia Sports Betting Suffered a Setback in SenateAvoiding a constitutional amendment is preferable since it necessitates support from most people across the state and a two-thirds majority in both houses of the legislature. According to sportsbook software experts, there is not a two-thirds majority for gambling legalization among Republicans. Also, some members of the party oppose it on moral grounds. To become law, a standard measure like the one killed in the Senate on Thursday requires approval from Republican Governor Brian Kemp and a majority vote in each chamber.

For his part, Kemp has made it clear that he is open to the idea of legalizing sports betting. Since voters established a state lottery in 1992, some Georgia politicians have tried yearly to expand gaming. A growing consensus, however, suggests that sports betting of some kind will be legalized in Georgia in the not-too-distant future. There are now 34 states that allow this, albeit not all of them host actual casinos.

Proponents said that the state of Georgia might benefit financially by legalizing unlawful forms of gaming.

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