Who will the Phoenix Suns Hire For The Next Season?

The latest NBA news that you might read a lot focuses on the trade deadline. It is, after all, important because changes in rosters can completely change a team’s chance for a Championship win. Now that the deadline is over, you might think that hiring season is over, at least until the draft. But its not, as NBA teams are now looking at the buyout market to add more players to complete their rosters.

The Phoenix Suns was able to get Kevin Durant just before the trade deadline hit. Kevin Durant will now join Chris Paul and Cameron Payne. However, they will still likely need another player to assist Ball and Payne. What are the options for the Phoenix Suns?

Right now , the buyout market is kind of empty comma and you would be hard pressed to find a point guard right now. But the Suns are exploring their options right now. And if you want to make basketball more more profitable in your sportsbook you can offer odds on trades or hires like this.

Who Will Move to the Phoenix Suns?

Who will the Phoenix Suns Hire For The Next Season?One of the best possible options for the sun’s is to hire Derrick Rose. Currently, Rose plays as a guard for the New York Knicks , another popular team in any bookie’s sportsbook software. Rose has been keeping a low profile and has not played in a game since December 31 last year. While many would think that the 34-year-old player should be out of the rotation , he can actually still perform well and be an important player in any team he will play with.

After all, the 2010 MVP is earning 14.5 million dollars in this season alone.  That’s a salary not every player can ask to have. He also has a team option of 15.6 million dollars next season. And, if the rumor mill is to be believed, the Knicks will not be picking up that option. So far there is no official offer from the Suns, but there is still time.  Right now, Rose is busy with gaining a full recovery and has also been helpful to the Knicks as a mentor of sorts to fellow teammates. But if Rose were to join KD, Paul, and Payne, their games together will definitely be worth watching, and will always be getting a lot of action in sportsbooks.

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