Boston Bruins Make NHL History

The Boston Bruins are on fire right now, and their latest game just proves how strong they are. This is probably one of the best seasons the team is having, and they have been featured in the latest hockey news for their achievements. And in their game against the Buffalo Sabres, they shone. They won 7-1, getting five of those goals all within the third period.

This win now brings the Bruins to be the fastest team in the NHL’s history to get 100 points. In just 61 games, they managed to beat the Montreal Canadiens, who set the record back in the 1976-77 season. Those who look for updates and information in Gambling Interaction would be interested in keeping track of historical achievements of teams in the NHL. It does, after all, usually mean that a specific team has been outperforming their peers with quite a margin.

Boston Bruins and their NHL Season

Boston Bruins Make NHL HistoryThe Bruins’ last game was such a delight to watch, and bet on. And if you want to earn money from games like this, you can check out this sports betting solution. The Bruins had great offense and defense. You have Jeremy Swayman, who prevented Buffalo from scoring during the first two periods. Then, you have Jakub Lauko scoring the last two goals. A great defense, plus great scoring, gave them their win that night.

So far, this is the ninth season best that the Bruins have this year, and if they can sustain this, can continue to dominate the league. They will be playing against the New York Rangers later, and hope to gain as much stats to perform another season-record-worthy game.


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