Nets Trade Durant to the Suns

The Brooklyn Nets must have some new strategy or something, because they are letting go of their superstars at an alarming rate. First, Irving gets traded, then the Nets trade Durant to the Suns. The Brooklyn Nets have a deal with the Phoenix Suns to give Kevin Durant for players and picks. We at Gambling Interaction have the details.

The trade is part of a four-team deal that includes the Indiana Pacers and the Milwaukee Bucks. This will be the Nets’ chance to let go of its high-value stars to have enough space to start fresh. Many who have watched the Nets over the years have been quite disappointed with the team. After all, when you have a roster that includes Irving, Durant, and James Harden, you expect greatness. We did not see greatness. Bookies may have earned a lot through a good white label sportsbook solution.

Nets Trade Durant

Nets Trade Durant to the SunsAnd what do you do if you have a high-profile player that you do not want? Then you trade them. And the Nets are getting a lot out of the deal. They will get forwards Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson from Phoenix. The Nets will also get first-round draft picks, as well as the right to swap another first-round pick. There will also be other players being moved around the four teams mentioned above.

In addition, the Suns will also be getting TJ Warren from the Nets. The Suns will also have a new owner, Mat Ishbia. Just a day after the deal to sell the team was approved, the announcement on Durant’s transfer was made. Durant will be joining the likes of Devin Booker and a regular bookie pay per head favorite Chris Paul.


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