Ford Returns to Formula 1 with Red Bull

It has been a while since we have seen the blue logo in the Formula 1, and it looks like we will be seeing them in circuits this year. When we feature Formula 1 news, the interest is mostly with international sports and racing fans. But with the surge of popularity of the league in the US, having an American brand in the mix will definitely help generate more interest. In the latest sports news, we are taking a look at a reunion between two popular brands in the racing industry,

And if you are into betting, then you can earn more from Formula 1 racing through your pay per head service. Those who are eager to see what Ford can do should look at Red Bull, who they have partnered with. What’s in store for Ford in the F1, you may ask?


Formula 1 and Ford

Ford Returns to Formula 1 with Red BullThis season will be the first time we will see Ford work with Red Bull, but only in the form of technical support. This will be the first season that Ford will be back, after being gone for around 24 years. We will be seeing your sportsbook advertising feature Ford engines in 2026. This is around the time when the Formula 1 will adopt a new set of regulations on hybrids, which was the apparent selling point for Ford to return.

Red Bull powertrains and Ford will be working to develop a hybrid power unit which will supply engines to both Red Bull, as well as AlphaTauri when the new regulations kick in on 2026. The partnership will be valid for 8 years at the least. Will this be the return of Ford? Back in the 60s and 70s, Ford was actually the leading engine manufacturer. They won 176 races and also ran the Jaguar team up until 2004 when Jaguar was sold and bought by Red Bull.

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