Celtics Versus Raptors

In the latest NBA news here at Gambling Interaction, the Boston Celtics will be visiting the Toronto Raptors tonight in an exciting evening of basketball. If you are a basketball fan, then you are well aware of the publicity that the Boston Celtics can generate. Currently, the Celtics hold the best record for the season, at 34-12. They are also on an eight-game winning streak, something bookies should keep an eye out of in the Celtics versus Raptors game.

Using the best bookie software will help you track wagers, especially for high-volume games such as this one. The Celtics have a 16-7 record on the road. Meanwhile, the Raptors are 14-11 at home. The Toronto Raptors are currently 20-26 for the season.


Celtics Versus Raptors

Celtics Versus RaptorsInjury wise, you need to check your Bwager betting lines for movement. But so far, we have Danilo Gallinari who has a knee injury, and Jayson Tatum with a wrist injury out for the Celtics. As for the Raptors, Otto Poerter Jr. is out on a foot injury, while Dalano Banton’s status is still uncertain.

The Celtics are of course the favorite on the road at 1.5 points. The Totals are at 228.5 in some sportsbooks. The Celtics have been performing well this season, and when you have Jaylen Brown on your side shooting 26.9 points per game, they will be hard to beat.

However, the Raptors are not that bad too. In fact, they lead the NBA in turnover rate on offense. They are good at both offense and defense. The Raptors will need to up their game to beat the Celtics, true. But there is small chance that the Raptors can turn the tide and win tonight.

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