What Can the Los Angeles Lakers Do While Davis is Out

The Los Angeles Lakers will not be having Anthony Davis play for around a month due to a right foot injury. And while many were expecting a sad story for the team in the latest basketball news, its actually better because the Lakers managed to win against eh Wizards. The Lakers won 119-117 in a close but very exciting game.

But while fans will celebrate the win, we at Gambling Interaction also wonder at what the Lakers will do to fill in the space that Davis left behind. While the Lakers seem to be doing better by beating the Wizards, it will be an uphill battle for the team. After all, a lot of teams could just as easily beat the Wizards. What will happen when they stronger teams?

Los Angeles Lakers and Their Roster

What Can the Los Angeles Lakers Do While Davis is OutFor one, the Lakers still have an empty roster spot. They can also trade. They have around $18 million in expiring salary that they can still make use of now. Of course, we cannot really expect a high-profile trade to happen here. But if they can get Evan Fournier or Cam Reddish from the Knicks, or even Terry Rozier, it could work out for the Lakers. However, a risk of trading now can mean a lower salary cap next season, so this could be a last resort for the team.

Free agents are another option, especially if they can get the likes of DeMarcus Cousins or Carmelo Anthony. But you can still see the Lakers’ odds improve in any sports betting software if they shuffle their current roster. Austin Reaves is a good option, something we saw when he was included in the starting lineup when Patrick Beverly missed a game. Whatever option that Lakers will do, they should make sure it would be enough to get them to last until Davis comes back.


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